Inspiring excellence through the Arts in Central Arkansas

Greek mythology tells us there were nine Muses. Their mission was to gift mortals with the inspiration to creatively express art, music, writing, theater, and science. In 2007, the Muses Creative Artistry Project was established in Hot Springs, AR. as a certified 501 (c) 3 non-profit performing, creativity, and healing arts company. Through high level professional performances, we express our continual dedication to preserve classical art and music, inspire excellence, provide experiential artistic learning opportunities, encourage artists, delight our audience, and design well executed quality programs that will contribute to the cultural economy of the region.
  We are the only year-round multi-arts program in central Arkansas. Our performance offerings include: a 4-concert seasonal subscription series (see above) Inspiration Collaboration (creating live art, jazz improvisation, & dance), a multi-media art song presentation, various opera and musical theater presentations, and many other offerings including salon concerts, & master classes. These programs are ready for touring throughout the state and region.

Fall 2016 MuseLetter

Please join us for any of these culturally satisfying and uplifting shows.

Discover creativity

When was the last time you heard the gentle voice of the “Muse” whispering new ideas, insights, direction, and wisdom? The Muses Creative Artistry Project believes that everyone has inherent creative potential just waiting to be ignited and nurtured. We offer quarterly seminars & workshops, along with classes that are designed to facilitate creative renewal and explore the enriching possibilities of personal creative expression. Please visit our events page or call us for more information about our next workshop.

Healing power

It is well documented that meaningful personal encounters with art and music have brought comfort to the troubled soul and softened many a hardened heart. Through our inspiring professional performances, seminars, workshops, sound therapeutic massage, and life coaching, we assist both the professional artist and creative hobbyist in addressing their need for greater life balance as they engage in their individual creative pursuit for excellence. Coaching sessions are by appointment only.

Excellence & Inspiration

The Muses invite you…
To divert the mind, and stimulate creative musings;
To joy the Spirit, and refresh the Soul.
To rest the body, enchant the imagination.

Be Inspired!